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Air Quality

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When the air quality in your home or place of work is good, the air ducts and unit you have installed are usually in excellent shape. When this is the case, you will also have proper ventilation and the air conditioner or heater on your property will be able to cool down or heat up much more quickly and easily. As a result, your utility bill will be reduced and you will save money.

​Our professionals would be more than happy to repair, install and maintain a unit that will improve the quality of your HVAC system and the air in your home or place of work.

​Whether you need a simple repair of your heating and cooling system at your home or office, or a complete installation the professionals at MHS Home Services offer over 20 years of experience and are available to satisfy all of your HVAC needs! If our firm can be of service to you simply contact us at (678) 886-1307 for a FREE no-obligation consultation.

The quality of the air in your home or commercial facility can greatly improve after the MHS Home Services professionals repair, install or maintain your HVAC system. This will save money on your energy consumption!

​We provide service for both residential and commercial applications to meet industry standards. We guarantee quality and efficiency and make sure that everything is in excellent condition. At MHS Home Services we get it right the first time!

​​We also provide preventive and planned maintenance services that will allow us to become aware of possible malfunctions before your system fails or becomes a much larger problem. This also prevents bacteria and mold build-ups that pose serious health risks. When running a business and utilizing a larger unit especially, it is vitally important that you maintain the indoor air quality in your facility. This will keep your customers comfortable and happy.

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